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Journey of Hope

United Panyang Primary School opened on May 19, 2011,     with students singing and dancing in celebration!

school front with students large


After more than a decade of Civil War in the Sudan, present day peace and the birth of South Sudan as the world's newest nation on July 9, 2011, give us the opportunity to help South Sudanese people rebuild their lives. Moses Deng Joknhial II, one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan" and now a U.S. citizen, believes from his own experience that education is key for this to happen. He founded Rebuilding South Sudan through Education to bring educational opportunities for a better life to the people in his native community of Panyang, South Sudan.

  school desks  school uniform small boy  school moses with sign

Current Campaigns:

  • United Panyang Primary School opened its doors on May 19, 2011, replacing classes under trees. Presently, 900 students are enrolled. Additional school uniforms and supplies are needed, along with teachers' wages.
  • Water Wells provide clean water, which is a human right, reduces incidence of diseases, and is a necessity for proper hygiene. Wells have been drilled and the need for more is ongoing.
  • Food Grinding Mills facilitate the education of girls to replace grinding food grains by hand. Mills have been installed and additional ones are sought.
  • United Panyang Medical Clinic will provide a clean, protected environment for treating patients, signficantly improving the health and quality of life for people in Panyang. The clinic is planned to open by spring, 2014, and replaces clinic under a tree and expectant mothers delivering in the bush.
  • Mama Myrna Women's Center will provide a centralized location for women to address issues specific to females and help advance their position in the community. Major construction is completed with plans for its doors to open by spring, 2014.
  • GOATS Project provides widows with a livelihood to support her family as one female goat increases to a herd. 
  • Solar Lighting and Power will signficantly improve the health, educational opportunities, and overall quality of life for the people   in Panyang. Installation is planned by spring, 2014.

Panyang is the home community of project founder Moses Joknhial II.  Moses, one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, knows educational opportunities in the USA have rebuilt his life after living as a refugee for 14 years.  “My dream is improving the lives of my people through education,” states Moses in addressing the responsibility he feels in paying forward what he has received through education and support in America.